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trance_dj's Journal

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Trance Music Djs and EDM Music Community
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Trance Music Community for LJ- All things EDM and Trance here!

We are trance_dj. This community was started November 1st, 2010 to unite trance DJs, fans and producers and others who love trance music in its many forms and to discuss, trade tracks, promote tracks and releases, share info on upcoming gigs all across the globe and from every corner of the universe.

You can also discuss and share other genres of electronic dance music such as breaks, rocktronica, house, euro-house, and others however this is NOT a dubstep community. Nor is it a community to discuss club drugs and such. This is a MUSIC community, and music and community are the emphasis, so please introduce yourself when you join!

It is for music that is melodic and more "traditionally" played in European clubs and at global festivals and raves.

PLUR applies here- Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. If you are an asshole, you will be banned. You happily can crosspost here but no spamming please.


Pixie and DJ Light

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Social capital

  • less than 10